RUT240 Explosion-proof Solution

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Solexy supplies explosion-proof 4G routers with WiFi connectivity combined with an explosion proof battery, everything mounted into a portable case.

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A customer designs explosion-proof WiFi solutions providing connectivity in hazardous locations.

Customer profile

Solexy is a company that specialises in devices and technology for radio transmissions in explosion risk classified areas and heavy environment like refineries, chemical plants, mines, off shore rigs.


Creating an explosion-proof WiFi Access Point.


Combining RUT240 and Solexy's explosion-proof case.




The small size of the routers ensures easy installation and makes them perfect for this type of solution. The router is small in size but powerful in its capabilities. Designed for high reliability and mission-critical cellular communications, RUT240 routers support multiple remote and local control capabilities suitable for almost any scenario.

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