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When it comes to outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points or Hotspots, security system control, site management or outdoor networking in general, reliable communication and remote management capabilities are key and Teltonika works hard to provide its customer's with products that meet these standards.

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AP Safe Oy security systems provide a solution to using RUT240 outdoors by enclosing it into a sturdy waterproof lock box making it protected from environmental damages and unwanted tinkering.

Customer profile

AP Safe Oy is a company that specializes in security systems and other security products in Uusimaa, Finland. They work from Helsinki and sell security systems and products and manage them through installation, maintenance and design throughout the country. They have been providing their trusted services since 1992.


The customer was looking for a reliable router to incorporate into their outdoor networking solution project.


Teltonika's RUT240 routers' compact design, cost-effective price and reliable, mission-critical cellular communication features sealed the deal and they were integrated into the customer's outdoor router solution product.


A RUT240 router in a lockable security case



The RUT240 router guarantees quality in communication and it's sleek and slim design makes it perfect for integration into other systems. Better yet, it's remote management capabilities provide complete control of the router from any remote location and the two LTE antennas that it comes with ensure the best signal anywhere that the router is placed.

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