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Through the Teltonika RUT240 Simon, Evogy's IoT/AI solution communicates in real time with energy-consuming systems and can be remote controlled to optimize the consumption. Apart from communicating, it allows the analysis of a system through some utility incorporates in RUT240.

Customer profile

Evogy is an innovative player in the digital energy field. By using the IoT solution called Simon “the digital energy specialist” they offer data driven devices, collecting data from the energy field and elaborating it through machine learning algorithms, aiming to optimize the energy management of the industrial facilities and in the tertiary sector.


Evogy was looking for a reliable solution and that could be installed easily. A router that guaranteed its customer high-speed connectivity for data communication was needed.

Solution & Benefits

The best solution is Teltonika RUT240 due to high performance, product reliability and customization options, such unique user script creation.

Simon is Evogy's IoT cloud platform for the data and information acquisition from the different facilities, through a consistent data analysis, helping to optimize the energy-consumption and therefore ensure an efficient management based on energy saving. By replacing the local management performed mainly by the maintenance operator


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