RUT300 Firmware Downloads

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This page contains firmware files for RUT300 devices. Look to the table below or the changelog to find download links.

Release Download link Release date Link to changelog entry MD5
Latest RUT30X_R_00.02.06.1 2021.02.10 click here a72e07de483f93532f2cdaba5dd702a5
Mass production RUT30X_R_00.02.06.1 2021.02.10 click here a72e07de483f93532f2cdaba5dd702a5

Note: packages for Package Manager are independent from firmware and can be downloaded in the Package Downloads page.

FW checksums[edit source]

Checksums for firmware files can be found here.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

RUT30X_R_00.02.06.1 | 2021.02.10[edit | edit source]

  • Fixes:
    • Added dnsmasq patch CVE-2020-25681, CVE-2020-25682, CVE-2020-25683, CVE-2020-25684, CVE-2020-25685, CVE-2020-25686, CVE-2020-25687
    • Fixed PPTP server interface naming
    • Fixed correct client PPTP interface name selection for route creation
    • Fixed adding helper to firewall's wan zone when enabling PPTP configuration
    • Added package size checking when manually installing a package
    • Fixed 'New Firmware Available' message display after firmware upgrade

RUT30X_R_00.02.06 | 2020.12.31[edit | edit source]

  • New features:
    • Initial RUT300 Firmware