RUT361 Firmware checksum list

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A checksum is a sequence of hexadecimal symbols generated after running an algorithm called a cryptographic hash function on a file. Calculating a checksum and comparing it with the one provided by the file source can be used as a file authenticity check method.

For example, if you download a file like a firmware image, you should be able to calculate that file's checksum and, if the file is authentic, the checksum should match the one provided by the file's source. If the checksums don't match, it means the file's contents were tampered with, for example, by a malicious third party attacker. This file is probably dangerous and shouldn't be trusted.

Checksum list

Firmware file checksums are listed by firmware release date, from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

FW version MD5 checksum SHA256 checksum
RUT361_R_00.07.07.2 6d465a094d990f78e7b3b354180cb018 d03cac4f44f7576718b2f629819baeff2397906e7544618170e048198cdee4aa
RUT361_R_00.07.07.1 cde6d5043c1f5a093fd25baf9aa600e3 8aa8d83a56820da25b71942f0ec9760134a7cbdf61574e4ce0773900fce3c192
RUT361_R_00.07.06.10 5b73a84646c8c33ede8a7d6795602e92 1be8c3fc4de97ac5ba0bcde623c74ca412f5a969167bbe28e577cc86b620b8fa
RUT361_R_00.07.06.8 6723cbe941eb1a20f60d76f1edb0e1fd 17cc3e876b7adf5a23a9ea03c2311038c625c027eb29aa381dd2cb14b240bb34
RUT361_R_00.07.06.6 eba370dbd71cba20832a935e82d9e9c9 89d68a3f65fc065e850f8dc8d6379dd8e72e79afffd8c75b8f6c6f76fd615c5c
RUT361_R_00.07.06.5 e151e099f51948d8b0219bfe9857fcd1 4cf0c63ad7d493b7a246c3fe45074e29d2711bc8c920b61320d7786e03e5330b