RUT850 in Taxi Cabs

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Teltonika RUT850s used in Prague taxi cab services to provide WiFi Internet for passengers.


The routers are strategically situated in the trunks of the cabs at a height that makes it very unlikely to get hit by any luggage. In each car there is a special holder for a Samsung Tab attached on the front passenger seats that is connected to a WiFi network hosted by the Teltonika RUT850 router.


Finding a router that can be used in a vehicle to provide WiFi access for the passengers.

Solution & Benefits

The best solution is getting a reliable 4G router that can provide WiFi access and is also certified for automotive use. Luckily, Teltonika's RUT850 router can provide just that and even more. The customer makes effective use of the its compact design, which ensures easy installation and an elegant look. The two external LTE antennas provide the best possible signal conditions wherever the car may travel and the internal WiFi antenna ensures a fast Internet connection for WiFi users.


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