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WPC is a Wing of the Ministry of Communication, a National Radio Regulatory Authority involved in Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC Office issues WPC (ETA) License for IT and Electronic products while fulfilling the needs of the wireless technology consumers. Wireless and Bluetooth IT and Electronic products that operate on unlicensed frequency bands and meet human safety requirements can only be sold in Indian market with WPC approval.


WPC – Approval is a mandatory requirement for all wireless radio modules (Transceivers, Transmitters & Receivers) and Wireless / IoT products entering & being marketed in Indian Market.

RUT901 was approved in accordance with the self-declaration issued under O.M. No. ETA-WPC/Policy/2018-19 dated 26 February, 2019.

RUT901 Registration number: ETA-SD-20230403523
WPC ETA Certificate, page 1
WPC ETA Certificate, page 2

To download a PDF version of the declaration, click here.

Import License

The Import License can be obtained in the Official Saral Sanchar website by the local importer during the import by filling in the details mentioned in the portal.

Saral Sanchar Webpage

IMEI Certificate

Furthermore, devices with GSM connectivity being imported to India must have valid and not duplicated IMEI numbers. The importer must apply for IMEI Certificate issued by Indian Government Counterfeited Device Restriction ICDR system, which has been developed by Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT).


Test reports that are referenced in declarations and certificates can be provided upon request. For the request to be approved, the recipient of the test reports should be a certification authority or certified test house. The recipients will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).