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Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED, formerly Industry Canada IC) regulates the radio spectrum for all transmitters operated in Canada. The Radio Standards Specifications (RSS) detail the technical requirements for radio transmitters.


The designation under ISED's certification program includes accreditation to ISO Guide 65/ISO 17065. However, specific procedures are necessary to demonstrate compliance with the administration of the Certification program. An "IC Number" is issued by ISED, after which the device can be placed on the Radio Equipment List (REL).

Prior to marketing or selling a radio transmitter in Canada, the device must firm appear on the REL. This is a master list that can be viewed here.


North America version

Teltonika Networks IC Company Number: 26511

Certification Number: 26511-RUT955AF

Product code: RUT950 W***** (North America)

RUT950 W***** IC Certificate, page 1
RUT950 W***** IC Certificate, page 2

You can download the PDF version of RUT950 (North America) IC Certificate from here.

North America AT&T, T-mobile version

Teltonika IC Company Number: 23005

Certification Number: 23005-RUT950A

Product code: RUT950 J***** (North America AT&T, T-mobile version)

RUT950 J***** IC Certificate

You can download the PDF version of RUT950 (North America AT&T, T-mobile version) IC Certificate from here.

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Test reports that are referenced in declarations and certificates can be provided upon request. For the request to be approved, the recipient of the test reports should be a certification authority or certified test house. The recipients will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).