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Creative Technologies manages and supports a live network of ATMs spread throughout the country with the help of RUT950 routers.

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Customer profile

Creative Technologies offers end-to-end solutions for your ATM & POS network. Their services include ATM software integration, ATM monitoring, first line maintenance, customer support and everything else ATM related. Check out their website for more information.


Providing reliable connectivity to a network of ATMs, some of which operate under harsh weather conditions and in distant locations.

Solution & Benefits

Installing RUT950 LTE routers in the ATMs.

The ATMs are placed in various locations, including distant and small villages with no other options of connectivity - an easy task for a RUT950 equipped with two external cellular antennas. The weather conditions of the machines range from -10°C to 50°C, which is well within the bounds of RUT950's operating temperature range.

Some of the banks serviced by Creative Technologies used different network providers with different connectivity technologies like GPRS, SDSL, ADSL WiMax and LAN. These services were provided by multiple companies and there was a lot of issues, which lead to reducing working uptime of the machines. Replacing these technologies with RUT950 LTE has shown a significant improvement of overall performance - higher connectivity speed, increased machine uptime, faster & flexible client configuration for one device compared to using multiple other routers and modems.


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