RUT950 with CCTV cameras

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A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV camera) can produce images or recordings for surveillance or other private purposes. What no owner of a CCTV camera ever wants is to find that there are problems with the recording or the live stream, so that's where a reliable router comes in handy. Read on below to see how one client incorporated Teltonika's RUT950 routers into their surveillance systems.

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A customer uses RUT950 routers for their dual-SIM failover and remote monitoring features in their CCTV camera surveillance systems.


Finding a reliable 4G router for internet access, remote camera monitoring and live stream viewing.


Using RUT950 - a highly reliable and secure LTE router for professional applications that delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular communication.


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RUT950 routers' compact size makes it easy for them to be incorporated into basically any system. The highly reliable LTE and remote monitoring features make them perfect for use outdoors and in any remote locations. Furthermore, RUT950 routers support many forms of network redundancy through dual SIM failover with many auto-switch scenarios for any type of failover. They come with four SMA antenna connectors (two SMA male for LTE and two RP-SMA male for Wi-Fi) ensuring the best quality of Internet anywhere that the router is placed.

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