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Whether it be protecting your private property or public domains from acts like theft and vandalism or even identifying a perpetrator after a crime has been committed, surveillance plays a big role in modern security systems. But the reliability of surveillance systems is often as good as its ability to collect and transmit data and that's where a reliable router comes in handy. Read on to find out how a customer uses Teltonika's RUT955 routers in their surveillance systems.

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A customer uses RUT955 routers in different types of surveillance systems for remote data collection, SIM switching and IPsec VPN features.

Customer profile

Tein Technology is a leading-edge integrator of Command & Control Centers for mission critical environments: financial trading rooms, traffic control for road, rail and waterways, port monitoring, city surveillance and public transport. Tein Technology aims to enhance your organization's operational efficiency and resilience by streamlining core control and surveillance platforms in a secure, future-proof and cost-effective manner.


The customer needed a 4G router solution for:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras used for licence plate recognition, usually on the outskirts of cities
  • Less visible lightweight battery powered cameras for monitoring public sites to prevent littering and other acts general vandalism
  • Semi-stationary cameras usually used in large open-air events with lots of attendants
  • General 4G connectivity

Furthermore, the router had to be DIN rail mountable and able to operate in an extended temperature range for use outdoors during different seasons.


There was no need to search for different solutions to each problem since every single question was answered with the help of RUT955 - multifunctional, highly reliable and secure LTE routers.


ANPR camera
ANPR camera
Lightweight battery powered camera
Semi-stationary camera
Semi-stationary camera


Since the ANPR cameras are often placed on edges of cities, where no WiFi or fiber optic connectivity is possible, the customer makes effective use of the mobile data connection. Instead of using private APNs, they use the routers' IPsec VPN feature for advanced security and data transfer purposes. Since RUT955 supports dual-SIM, in some cases the customer uses a second SIM card from another provider, effectively making use of the SIM switch feature in case the data connection for the first SIM card goes down.

RUT955 routers can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 75 °C, making them perfect for use outdoors and the compact size and DIN rail mounting option make the installation easy.

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