RUT955 in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) posses the ability to roam the skies without human interaction, but, as smart they are, without the right components it would become very easy to lose track of them. Read on the story below to find out how Teltonika's products help with the navigation systems of some UAVs.

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RUT955 are being used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for GPS data transmission by Cobham.

Customer profile

Cobham is a leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the most challenging problems, from deep space to the depths of the ocean.


Finding a way to obtain GPS coordinates from your UAVs remotely.


Using a RUT955 router to get a GPS fix of the airborne device at any given time.


Inmarsat Class 4 AVIATOR S series and AVIATOR UAV 200, at Satellite 2018
Rut955-1 uav.png
Rut955-2 uav.png
Rut955-3 uav.png
Rut955-4 uav.png


Not only can users obtain GPS coordinates of RUT955 devices, they can do so by applying different methods, which makes the router easier to integrate into any type of system. Also the routers can be configured in such a way that they will report the GPS data periodically or on the occurrence of certain specific events.

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