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RUT955 router are rated for protection against sweep spine vibrations.

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A customer uses RUT955 routers for remote network video recorder (NVR) access, GPS location and WiFi, installed on heavy machinery used harsh environments.

Customer profile

Avax SA 410 Pty Ltd was established in 2002. They specialize in Fibre Optics, Cat5e Cat6 & Cat7 Network Infrastructures, Commercial and Industrial Surveillance Systems, Office Automation, Commercial and Industrial Network Devices, with their latest latest projects being 80Ghz MM Wave Radio links and Portable Industrial Network Video Recorders.

Avax is situated in Rustenburg, North West South Africa


The Remote NVR device has on board recording to access the video feed and the client needed the drilling machine to be pulled out of production which would cause production loss. They required a device that allowed access the NVR remotely to view live and also recall incidents and accidents on demand with the playback function.

With the Remote NVR Devices the biggest challenge was having a Router unit that supports Mobile Broadband service with GPS location and an in Vehicle WiFi function that would be able to handle the Harsh mining environment and vibration of heavy duty machinery. With this being said the Router device should be able to make use of 12 VDC as most of the heavy duty machines have 12 to 24 VDC.

Solution & Benefits

The client discovered Teltonika RUT955 Devices that were tested in absolute hot and harsh environments based on the open cast mining sector and the device held up to its full potential with no data fails no power issues, with the heavy duty machine being switched on and off there was no error or faulty boot ups.

With the router being successful in passing all of the customers tests, they were able to setup a dual SIM card failover, which ensured that if one ISP does not have coverage in the open cast pit, the second SIM would take over. The device allowed them to have full remote access to the recorder and monitor the drilling operations to prevent false feedback from the operators & down time. The system also helped investigate and have full proof of safety incidents and production loss.


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