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In many cases to this day, data from electricity meters is being recorded by people who physically come to a building and write down meter readings by hand. Well, this chapter in history may be coming to a close with the age smart IoT devices like Teltonika's RUT955.

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One of Teltonika's customers buys and configures RUT955 routers and then sends them out to be installed along side electricity meters for remote monitoring purposes.

Customer profile

INPEL SA is a company committed to the technological development of Valle del Cauca. More than 3500 telemetered energy meters and more than 900 customers demonstrate their commitment after 21 year of experience in the Telecommunications, Energy and Energy Efficiency Systems Sector.


Finding a device that can communicate with electricity meters via RS232 serial communication port and can be monitored and controlled remotely.


Teltonika's RUT955 routers were installed along side electricity meters in turn creating a remote data monitoring system.


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RUT955 routers' RS232 compliance feature makes it possible for the routers to manage, monitor and communicate with electricity meters. The various VPN services that RUT955 supports makes the remote monitoring of this system an easy task. Furthermore, the client has also made effective use the routers' GPS feature making sure they never lose track of the multiple devices' locations.

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