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This page contains information the different types of LEDs and their behaviour on a RUTM10 device.

Power LED

The power LED is located on the bottom left corner of the front panel, just under the power connector.

Networking rutm10 manual leds power led.png

It indicates whether the device is powered on or not.

State Description
LED turned on Device is powered on.
LED turned off Device is not powered on.

WiFi band LEDs

The WiFi band LEDs are located at the bottom of the front panel of the device, to the left of the Ethernet ports.

Networking rutm10 manual leds wifi leds.png

They display whether a WiFi Access Point (AP) is active on a specific band.

State Description
2.4 LED turned on. At least one 2.4 GHz Access Point is running.
2.4 LED turned off No 2.4 GHz Access Points are running.
5 LED turned on At least one 5 GHz Access Point is running.
5 LED turned off No 5 GHz Access Points are running.

Ethernet port LEDs

There are two LEDs located at the top of each Ethernet port.

Networking rutm10 manual leds ethernet leds.png

They provide information on the current states of the Ethernet ports. Each port has two LEDs:

  • Orange - 10/100 Mbps connection
  • Green- 1000 Mbps connection

Below is an explanation on the behaviours of green and orange LEDs.

State Description
LED on A data connection on the port is operational (cable plugged in, end device visible, no data is being transferred).
LED off No data connection on the port is operational (no cable, bad cable or end device not visible for some other reason (such as damaged network card).
LED blinking Connection established and data is being transferred over this port.