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Latest Packages (from 07.00)

Release Download link Release date MD5 - Latest click here (zip file) 2022.02.25 d84c5ce75f024e765998a19753a7182d
00.07.00 click here (zip file) 2021.07.16 b0d5c490e5f1497e2e061cd6b957232e

Package List

Available packages for RUTX08
Azure IoT Hub Cloud of Things Cumulocity DLNA DNP3 Hotspot Themes
Language - German NTPD QoS SSHFS ThingWorx Tinc VPN
TR-069 UDP Broadcast Relay ZeroTier


For individual package changes, please check full changelog.

Archive Packages

Archive packages (supported on FW version RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 and lower) can be found in RUTX08 Package Downloads (Archive) page.