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This page contains firmware files for RUTX14 devices. Look to the table below or the changelog to find download links.

Release Download link Release date Link to changelog entry MD5
Latest RUTX_R_00.07.00 2021.07.16 click here 57aef24b60a5718ca2d9657d05249c71
Mass production RUTX_R_00.07.00 2021.07.16 click here 57aef24b60a5718ca2d9657d05249c71

Note: packages for Package Manager are independent from firmware and can be downloaded in the Package Downloads page.

FW checksums

Checksums for firmware files can be found here.


RUTX_R_00.07.00 | 2021.07.16

  • New features
    • New WebUI based on Vue.js 2.6.12
    • RutOS updated to OpenWrt 19.07.7 base
    • DNP3 Master and DNP3 Oustation
    • 'Restore to user's defaults' SMS Utilities rule
  • Improvements
    • Updated firewall to release 3
    • Updated kernel to version 4.14.221
    • Updated uhttpd to version 2020-10-01
    • Updated xtables-addons to release 9
    • Updated mwan to version 2.8.14
    • Updated pcre to version 8.44
    • Updated curl to version 7.74
    • Updated sqlite to version 3.33
    • Updated ncurses to version 6.2
    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1k
    • Added full MODBUS register address expansion specifier for Data to Server
    • Added full MODBUS register address legend
    • Added Client ID option for the MQTT protocol in Data to Server
    • Improved Data to Server sleeping accuracy
    • Improved Data to Server username validation; now space is allowed
    • Added firmware version OID to the SNMP service
    • Added IP address family option field to the SNMP page
    • Added SNMPv6 section to the SNMP Communities page
    • Renamed the 'System -> Users' page to 'System -> System Users'
    • Moved password changing option to the 'System -> System Users' page
    • Switched to ar8216 driver
    • Added IPsec XAUTH support
    • Improved OpenVPN updown, init scripts to write info about instance in JSON
    • Added AES-256-GCM encryption support to OpenVPN
    • Added extra configuration parameters to DMVPN
    • Added PSK conversion to DMVPN and single PSK types
    • Improved Package Manager package installation, deletion and dependencies
    • Improved Package Manager download process over FOTA
    • Added new Input/Output values manageable over RMS
    • Added IPv6 traffic logging
    • Made 'Network -> Failover' and 'Network -> Interfaces' page data draggable on multiple browsers
    • Added Input/Output Post/Get URL parameter t_time changing delay and time to seconds or miliseconds
    • Added message storage management by config value
    • Improved QMI error handling and status tracking
    • Turned on modem in preinit for correct power-on sequence
    • Added Post/Get feature to turn mobile data on/off
    • Added the possibility to use 2gonly/3gonly/4gonly arguments for cellular service command alongside current 2g/3g/lte arguments
    • Added "Phone number" and "Message" fields for "Send SMS" option
    • Added "Host to ping from SIM1" and "Host to ping from SIM2" fields
    • Added support for multiple USB to Serial adapters
    • Added option to send SMS warning messages to Hotspot users authenticated with SMS OTP when specified amount of data is used up
    • Added option to switch back to primary SIM card after timeout
    • Improved I2C communication
    • Added peer groups to BGP access list dropdown
    • Added TCP MD5 authentication support for BGP
  • Fixes
    • Added glib2 patch to fix CVE-2019-13012 vulnerability
    • Added ntfs-3g patch to fix CVE-2019-9755 vulnerability
    • Added WolfSSL patch to fix CVE-2021-3336 vulnerability
    • Added Busybox patch to fix CVE-2018-1000500 vulnerability
    • Added netifd, odhcp6c IPv6 routing loop on point-to-point links patches to fix CVE-2021-22161 vulnerability
    • Fixed Android clients IPsec MTU/MSS size
    • Fixed wrong IPsec DPD value saving
    • Changed IPsec PSK maximum length to 128 symbols
    • Fixed SSTP remaining up after package removal
    • Fixed DMVPN crypto_proposal write to config
    • Fixed I/O Juggler's SMS sending to correct group
    • Fixed I/O Scheduler's relay state issue
    • Added I/O direction check while changing IOs via I/O Post/Get
    • Fixed float endianness mismatch on some devices MODBUS TCP Master, MODBUS Serial Master
    • Fixed UPnP issue that caused config changes to apply only after service restart
    • Fixed WebUI files caching when upgrading firmware
    • Fixed WebUI date display format
    • Fixed MODBUS returning incomplete MAC address data
    • Fixed GPS time synchronization for DST regions
    • Fixed depleting IPv6 RA timeout when the ISP doesn't send RA updates
    • Added "Transaction timed out" error handling
    • Fixed PPPOE connection loss when wrong session PADT packet arrives
    • Added gcont object tracking and info update if this service is restarted
    • Fixed default SMS storage
    • Fixed SMS warning sending after Mobile Data Limit change
    • Fixed DHCP relaying over mobile networks
    • Changed PIN code maximum length to 8 symbols
    • Fixed 'I/O status' message to include correct Input/Output name based on info in ubus ioman objects
    • Fixed 'Over IP' serial type's UDP issue in client mode
    • Fixed DLNA connections count total in statistics page
    • Fixed WiFi Hotspot's Walled Garden issues
    • Fixed WiFi Hotspot data logging issues
    • Fixed P2P group information processing vulnerability in wpa_supplicant
    • Added validation to Walled Garden Address list field
    • Fixed wrong VRRP IP address writing to file
    • Fixed DLNA connections count total in statistics page
    • Fixed JSON-RPC issue that caused incorrect state returns

RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 | 2021.02.10

  • Initial RUTX14 firmware release