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The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has within its remit the responsibility of type approving and accepting all telecommunications equipment intended to work within the public telecommunications networks in the country. CA is also responsible for type approving or accepting radio communication equipment intended for use in Kenya.


All communications equipment intended to send, process or receive information within the public telecommunications network is subject to type approval by the Authority. Type approval is done only once for each model of equipment.

Examples of the said communication equipment include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile cellular devices (2G/3G/4G and future generations)
  • Public Switched Telephone Network equipment (PABX, Fax, telephone handsets)
  • Radio communication equipment (CB, HF, UHF,VHF, Microwave, Satellite, Broadcast transmitters)
  • Data equipment (Routers, modems, switches)
  • Digital Set top boxes (Satellite and Cable)


RUTX14 devices are type approved for Kenya:

Kenyan type approval certificate Page 1
Kenyan type approval certificate Page 2

To download a PDF version of the certificate, click here.

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