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This article describes how to connect to a console of another device (e.g., a Cisco router, Fortigate firewall, etc.)


You will need:

  • A router/gateway with USB or RS232 Serial
  • An RS232 (male) - RJ45 cable (to connect to a Cisco AUX port):
    Cisco rj45 rs232 cable.jpg
  • Or a USB type Mini - USB type A cable (to connect to a USB type mini console port):
    Cisco usb cable.jpg


There are multiple ways to connect to a console port, which are described in the sections below:

RS232 - RJ45

RS232 can be configured from the Services → RS232/RS485 → RS232 Configuration page. The following RS232 configuration should be used:

  • Enable RS232.
  • Select baud rate (9600).
  • Select Serial type (Over IP).
  • Select Protocol (TCP).
  • Leave mode as Server.
  • Type in port (15026)
  • Save configuration

Cisco rs config update.png


Using Mini USB – USB type A configuration. Configured from the WebUI, Services → USB Tools → USB to Serial page:

Firstly, we'll need to add a new USB to Serial instance:

  • Type name.
  • Press Add.

Cisco usb config update1.png

Then, we'll need to configure this instance:

  • Enable
  • Name should be already written
  • Select device ID
  • Select baud rate
  • Choose two Stop bits
  • Select Serial type (Over IP)
  • Choose TCP protocol
  • Leave mode as Server
  • Type in port (43223)
  • Save configuration

Cisco usb config update2.png

PuTTY configuration

The console can be accessed by using software such as PuTTY (can be downloaded from here.

The PuTTY configuration should look like this:

  • Type in routers/gateways IP
  • Select port you've configured in RS232/USB to Serial.
  • Select RAW connection type

Cisco putty update.png

Then you should successfully connect to Cisco device: Cisco putty update2.png

If you do encounter any issues with PuTTY, you can try connecting from Teltonika's device directly to Cisco's:

  • Connect to router's/gateway's CLI
  • Type in this command "microcom -s 9600 /dev/rs232"

Cisco rs cli.png

This way you'd know if Teltonika's device is even able to see whats on the other side of RS232.

Console port

Example of console ports:

IMG 20190121 155038 V4.jpg