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Search is used to look up various pages on a device. It includes additional features such as recent search results, mouse as well as keyboard navigation and a button to clear input field.

This manual page provides an overview of Search functionality in devices and how to use it.


Search contains basic search functionality and a few more additional features.

1. Ability to search for any Web page in device by typing into the search input. Results are presented in drop down list.

Networking rutos manual search search results 1.png

2. Recent search results. After navigating to a page using search, recent search list gets updated and can be used to navigate to a previous page. To access recent searches click on the search icon and previous searches will appear in drop down list below. The most recently visited pages will be displayed at the top.

Networking rutos manual search recent searches 2.png

3. Keyboard navigation. Search can be accessed not only using a mouse click on Search icon but also using a keyboard. Pressing / symbol changes focus to search input. At this point you can start typing into the search bar. Once search results are displayed Up and Down arrow keys can be used to select a desired page and pressing Enter will perform redirection.

4. Clear the search input using mouse. User input can also be cleared using a mouse rather than a keyboard. Click X button on the right side of the search input field to delete all user input.

Networking rutos manual search clear input button 2.png

Using search

1. To access search, click on magnifying glass icon Networking rutos manual search magnifying glass icon 1.png at the top right of the web page or press / symbol on your keyboard. At this point, search bar should be expanded and look similar to this:

Networking rutos manual search search field 2.png

2. Start typing. You will see results displayed below. Clicking on any of the results will redirect to that page.

Networking rutos manual search searching 3.png

Note: Some pages might require switching to advanced web view in order to be displayed. In such scenario user will be presented with a popup message. Choose Switch to advanced to switch to advanced mode and proceed or Cancel to abort the action.

Networking rutos manual search basic advanced popup.png