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Firmware upgrade process via bootloader requires only few simple steps:<br />
# power OFF the device;# set a '''Static IP''' on your PC, e.g. '''''';# press and hold the RESET button on the back-panel side of the router;# power ON the router and wait 3-4 seconds until '''all LAN LEDs start blinking simultaneously''', then - release the RESET button;# to enter the bootloader's WebUI, open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) in Private mode and enter '''''';# once in bootloader's WebUI you can upgrade the firmware.<br />
See the details below for more information on each of these steps.
Once you are in the Firmware upgrade window, upload the Firmware image and click the '''Update firmware''' button:
[[Image:RUTX bootloader.png|957x957px]]
After this you should be greeted with a window such as this:
You can download RUT Firmwares from our wiki pages:
 * [[RUTX08 Firmware Downloads]]* [[RUTX09 Firmware Downloads]]* [[RUTX10 Firmware Downloads]]* [[RUTX11 Firmware Downloads]]

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