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This article contains instructions on how to configure platform and connect a Teltonika-Networks devices.

==Connect device==

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the basic usage of the most popular ThingsBoard features which helps monitor Teltonika-Networks devices.First, you need to login into the platform. Next, you will see an overview window, scroll down to <b>Device managment</b> section or simply click on the <b>Device group</b> in the navigation menu.


<li>1. Click on one of the marked in red buttons in the <b>Device groups</b> overview page.</li>
<li>2. Click marked "<b>+</b>" buttons to add new device to the group.</li>
<li>1. In the pop up window set name for your device.</li>
<li>2. Configure your device's <b>Access token</b>(Optional)</li>
<li>1. Enable <b>Add credentials</b> option.</li>
<li>2. Set desirable <b>Access token</b>. </li>
<li>3. Click <b>Add</b> button to save changes. </li>

==Configuring data source==

Different data streams can be selected depending on the device's supported functionality's. In this example we will be using <b>Modbus TCP slave</b> with native <b> Modbus TCP master </b> functionality.

<li>1. First, change WEBUI mode from <b>basic</b> to <b>advanced</b>.</li>
<li>2. Go to <b>Services → Modbus TCP slave</b> page.</li>
<li>3. Enable <b>Modbus TCP slave</b>.</li>
<li>4. Go to <b>Modbus TCP master</b> page and add new slave device.</li>
<li>5. Configure <b>Modbus TCP master's slave device</b> as shown below to return device's uptime value.</li>

==Configuring data to server==

After configuring the data source, you can add a data sender configuration. Data sender functionality is located <b>Services → Data to server</b>. You can add data sender by clicking <b>Add</b> button.

<li>1. Set name for the <b>Data sender</b>.</li>
<li>2. Set desirable name for your data variable. Make sure that your chosen parameter is shown below JSON format field.</li>
<li>3. Paste connection string with your own <b>Access token</b>.</li>
<li>4. Add value to Custom header. </li>

==Adding widget to the dashboard==

The collected data can be displayed using various a widgets. To create one you should be able to see gathered data in the <b>Latest telemetry </b> section. To access it you should follow these steps:
<li>1. Click on the configured device. </li>
<li>2. From the pop-up menu select <b>Latest telemetry </b> option. There you should see collected data.</li>

In order to display data in the widget you should:
<li>1. Click on the gathered data row.</li>
<li>2. Press <b>Show on widget </b> button.</li>
<li>1. Choose bundle accordingly to your data.</li>
<li>2. Choose suitable chart for your data visualization.</li>
<li>3. Add widget to dashboard.</li>
<li>1. Create new dashboard. </li>
<li>2. With this option enabled after addition you will be redirected to newly created dashboard</li>
<li>3. Adds widget to dashboard.</li>

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