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This page contains firmware files for TAP100 devices. Look to the table below or the changelog to find download links.

To upgrade firmware using WebUI, follow the instructions in TAP100 Firmware.


File Type Release date Size MD5 Changelog
TAP100_R_00.07.05.4_WEBUI.bin Latest FW 2023.11.09 8.63 MB 8066e2969a29c83bda02662fe677fc50 Link
TAP100_R_00.07.05.4_WEBUI.bin Mass production FW 2023.11.09 8.63 MB 8066e2969a29c83bda02662fe677fc50 Link
TAP100_R_GPL_00.07.05.4.tar.gz SDK 2023.11.09 13.37 MB 4573496fd163b57c825ba4f0d405ccf8

FW checksums

Checksums for firmware files can be found here.


TAP100_R_00.07.05.4 | 2023.11.09

  • Improvements
    • WebUI
      • Improved asynchronous pagination in events log pages
      • Optimized Overview page load
      • Added resource loading cancellation after switching to different page

TAP100_R_00.07.05 | 2023.10.09

  • New
    • Network
      • Fast transition and EAP authentication support for Wireless
    • WebUI
      • Page search feature
      • "Reconnect" button in RMS page
      • Wireless interface QR code generator
      • Auto Reboot service
    • System
      • Mechanism to rebrand WebUI using GPL
      • Possiblity to create web applications with closed-source GPL
  • Improvements
    • WebUI
      • Reorganized menu
      • Updated header design
      • Improved file upload component's visual appearance
    • System
      • Updated kernel version to 5.4.251
      • Updated UCI version to 2021-10-22
      • Updated cURL version to 8.2.0
      • Updated C-ares version to 1.19.1
      • Updated iproute2 version to 5.19.0
      • Updated libubox package version to 2021-08-19
      • Added CVE patch CVE-2023-2650
      • Added additional firmware information in CLI prompt banner
      • Connection mode LED now blinks on data transfer
      • Changed "routername" to "devicename" in system config file
      • Made all clients get disconnected out once dropbear service is disabled
      • Device name is now displayed in browser tab when in WebUI login page
      • Added NF conntrack information in generated troubleshoot archive
  • Fix
    • Network
      • Fixed Wireless transmit power changing without user input after saving different country code
      • Fixed clients isolation functionality in Wireless
      • Fixed issue where Wireless SSIDs with custom VLANs weren't leasing IP addresses
    • Services
      • Fixed showing incorrect Internet state in RMS
      • Implemented error handling when device is blocked or unrecognized by RMS
      • Fixed disabled CLI remote access taking up a session slot
    • WebUI
      • Fixed modal form inputs not clearing upon closing after nested modal is saved
      • Fixed select menu closing when selecting custom option
      • Fixed multi select expanding table row when adding new values
      • Fixed global section caching after deleting a section in a table
      • Fixed unpredictable search logic in tables
      • Fixed profile creation when current configuration is not present
      • Fixed wrong protocol data display in "Access control" page
    • System
      • Patched CVE-2023-0386 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-0464 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-0465 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-2602 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-3772 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-4128 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-33476 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-28484 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-29469 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-31490 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-36369 vulnerability
      • Patched CVE-2023-48174 vulnerability
      • Fixed Events Log database rotation to prevent log partition space exhaustion
      • Fixed duplication and sorting of all events IDs in Events Log
      • Fixed FOTA crash when current hours is with leading 0
      • Fixed crontab job removal after disabling FOTA
      • Fixed device name resetting to default upon refresh in Administration

TAP100_R_00.07.04.5 | 2023.07.24

  • Fix
    • Network
      • Fixed issues with device domain resolving

TAP100_R_00.07.04.4 | 2023.06.26

  • Improvements
    • System
      • Device name is now displayed in browser tab when in login page
  • Fix
    • Network
      • Patched CVE-2023-32233 vulnerability
    • Services
      • Fixed connection establishment for RMS MQTT service
      • Implemented partial restart when connection with RMS server fails
      • Fixed device name resetting to default upon WebUI page refresh
      • Fixed being able to set device name without passing validations

TAP100_R_00.07.04.3 | 2023.05.11

  • New
    • Initial firmware release