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Product change notifications (PCN) is way of informing customers of upcoming changes related to Teltonika products. This includes outward appearance adjustments, hardware improvements, changes to package contents, etc. Changes related to a product's firmware are not included in PCNs (click here to see the firmware changelog).

This page stores information regarding changes amde to the TRB141 device. Below you will find a list of both upcoming and already implemented changes sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

2020.06.12: RUTOS support

Effective since June 03, 2020, TRB141 support RutOS v2.3, available at TRB141 Firmware downloads.

Change description
Change type Firmware
Detailed description Added RutOS Support for TRB14x series gateways
Change reasons Until now different TRB series gateways had their own FW version depening on LTE module. After this update FW will become common to all TRB14x gateways.
Affected products information
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
TRB141 TRB141 ****** No changes
Change impact
Risk assessment Migration from TRB1410_R_00.01.06.1 or older requires Legacy firmware
RutOS v2.3 includes Basic and Advanced modes, so some functionality may appear missing until Advanced mode is selected
Suggested implementation plan Special preparations are unneeded
Acknowledgement of PCN receipt
If no feedback is received within two weeks after the issue date of this notification - Teltonika may accept that this change has been tacitly accepted and can implement the change as indicated above.

To download the pdf version of this notification, click here.