TRB142 Profiles

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Configuration profiles provide a way to create multiple distinct device configuration sets and apply them to the device based on current user requirements. This chapter is an overview of the Profiles page in TRB142 devices.

The information in this page is updated in accordance with the TRB1420_R_00.01.05 firmware version.

Profiles[edit | edit source]

This section displays user defined configuration profiles:

Networking rutx manual profiles configuration profiles v1.png

To create a new profile, configure the device in accordance with your needs, go to this page, enter a custom name for the profile and click the 'Add' button. A new profile with the given name will appear in the "configuration profiles" list:

Networking rutx manual profiles configuration profiles add new v1.png

The 'Apply' button applies the adjacent configuration on the device and the 'Update' button updates a profile in accordance with the device's current configuration.

Scheduler[edit | edit source]

The Profile Scheduler provides a possibility to set up a schedule of when the device should use one configuration or another. Different configuration profiles use differently colored dots for distinction. Select a profile from the dropdown below and click on time interval boxes in the scheduler table to indicate on which days/hours the profile should be applied.

Networking trb manual profiles scheduler v1.png