TRB145 Firmware Downloads

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If your TRB145 gateway uses FW version TRB145x_R_00.01.06.1 or older, you will need to follow these instructions in order to successfully upgrade your device's FW to a later version.

This page contains firmware files for TRB145 devices. Look to the table below or the changelog to find download links.

Release Download link Release date Link to changelog entry MD5
Latest TRB14X_R_00.02.04.1 2020.07.02 click here 27151d86c0e825b582ffcd35b0dad6db
Mass production TRB1450_R_00.01.06.1
2019.12.19 click here 8e9b1aac98c00f743711bcece26e0f2d

FW checksums

Checksums for firmware files can be found here.

Old firmware


TRB14X_R_00.02.04.1 | 2020.07.02

  • New features:
    • Added 'Mobile Passthrough mode'
    • Added mobile signal real-time graph
    • Relay control to Call Utilities
    • 'Certificates' page for generating and managing TLS certificates
    • 'Drag & Drop' support for Overview page tables
    • 'Speed Test' feature
    • AVL I/O support
    • Added JSON formatting option to Data to Server
    • Added timeout and keep-connection options to Modbus TCP Slave
    • Added 6rd package
  • Improvements:
    • Improved mobile interface creation
    • Improved 'Profile Scheduler' with minute accuracy
    • Reordered VPN configuration options
    • Standardized section header styles
    • Unified spelling of dropdown values
    • Added information about 'Package Manager' packages before updating firmware
    • Updated services management to Status → Services page
    • Improved performance of firmware upgrades from server
    • Improved security features related to file uploading and HTTP headers
    • Changed RAM/flash memory units from MiB to MB
    • Updated warning message and lease deletion message for static leasing
    • Moved 'Country code' option to general tab
    • General web responsiveness improvements
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed eth0 interface display
    • Fixed SDK firmware compilation
    • Fixed eth0 interface display
    • No longer load the rpcd module
    • Removed incorrect SMS character counter from SMS Utilities page
    • Fixed symlinking tty devices in one place
    • Fixed validations and option saving in OSPF page
    • Fixed various element positioning bugs on smaller screens
    • Fixed switching to advanced mode notification when accessing non existing pages
    • Fixed validations in Traffic Logging page
    • Fixed showing failover section only for interfaces with failover rules
    • Fixed static leases redirect after saving
    • Fixed empty dropdown values in 'I/O juggler' and 'Network Shares'
    • Fixed interface IP address validation in DDNS page
    • Fixed various spelling mistakes
    • Fixed broken address option in the 'Troubleshoot' page
    • Fixed dropdown select element double clicking issue
    • Fixed basic/advanced mode switching with Microsoft Edge browser
    • Fixed firmware upgrading bug when LAN interface with a changed name exists
    • Fixed redirecting to the 'Interfaces' page when mode is changed from basic to advanced and user is in the 'LAN' or 'WAN' pages
    • Fixed validation of custom header in 'Data To Server' page
    • Fixed "Type" option error in Failover page
    • Updated username and password validations
    • Fixed profile change action in 'I/O Juggler'
    • Fixed bidirectional GPIO change feature

TRB14X_R_00.02.03.2 | 2020.06.03

  • New features:
    • Responsive WebUI design
    • New Access Control window for managing IP access
    • Attack Prevention page under Firewall settings
    • New IPv6 options in WAN, LAN and VPN pages
    • Hotspot Users Management page
    • Progressive Web Application support and extra page caching when device is configured with a valid SSL certificate
    • OpenVPN configuration file upload functionality
    • Unsaved Changes page
    • Operators Scan
    • Bridge mode display in Overview page
    • Input inversion buttons
    • Dynamic switch port display in side widget
    • Input/Output manipulator
    • Full unicode SMS support
    • IO control and status over SMS
    • MQTT Publisher: added support to send I/O values
    • Ability to install packages stored in backup file
    • IP unblock SMS rule
    • New Modbus TCP Slave register fields
    • New Modbus Alarm redundancy options
    • NTPD version 4.2.8p14
  • Improvements:
    • Updated kernel to newest version (3.18.20-msm) from QuecOpen SDK and clean up patches
    • Added HMAC configurations for OpenVPN
    • Added AES ciphers support for OpenVPN
    • Added MTU and gateway metric to mobile interfaces
    • Added DHCP lease range display in the Network → LAN page
    • Added warning messages when deleting interfaces/configurations
    • Added available FW on server status messages in FW upgrade page
    • Added mobile PIN code saving note
    • Changed UPnP redirect delete button style
    • Changed functionality of reset button in the Firewall → Custom Rules page. Now fully resets to default
    • Added hints on all value fields about field validation
    • Added pin information for iostatus SMS rule
    • Removed modem traps if no modem is present
    • Optimised section toggling logic, removing all toggling associated flags required prior optimisation
    • Standardized section edit page headers in WebUI Services
    • Improved the look of error pages and messages
    • Updated Wiki links to
    • Disabled 'Clear data limit' button for inactive interfaces
    • Reordered menu, moved 'Default configuration' to the Backup page, moved 'Diagnostics' to the Troubleshoot page
    • Added credentials input fields to Data to Server
    • Changed hint of 'Allow guest" in the Network Shares page
    • Updated Periodic Reboot service status in the Services page
    • Improved hint for incoming calls option
    • Changed OpenVPN LZO option to a dropdown with an extra 'none' option
    • Added suggestion to create a profile if there are no profiles created in the Profiles → Scheduler page
    • Filtered out unnecessary interfaces ending with _4 _6 in firewall page
    • Changed side widget button color to blue to make it more visible
    • Added 'Dynamic List' option limit (20 elements)
    • Added info message to Events Reporting & Mobile Utilities rules, if selected recipient or sender is a group or no groups are created yet
    • Improved stm32 recv message handling
    • Modbus TCP test now allows reading more than 125 coils/inputs
    • Reworked NTP page, separating general options from NTP specific ones
    • Fixed grammar errors in Mobile page
  • Fixes:
    • Added name validation in the Firewall → Port Forward page, fixed custom protocol value selection and display
    • Added validation for GRE 'Remote subnet IP' option
    • Added missing Mobile Data limit input validation
    • Fixed Schedulers' cells to be of equal width
    • Fixed uploading backup from lower firmware version
    • Fixed SSTP certificate upload function
    • Fixed IPsec 'Aggressive' setting value saving in config file
    • Fixed LAN settings static lease name validation
    • Fixed issue that sometimes caused failures when redirecting to Mobile interface edit page
    • Fixed descriptions in Access Control → Security page
    • Fixed HTTP login while HTTPS session is still active
    • Fixed real time CPU load in the Overview page
    • Fixed advanced static routing display for all routes
    • Fixed file upload error messages in backup page
    • Fixed 'Select' option for Firefox browser
    • Fixed RAM usage display in side widget
    • Fixed access to non existing pages
    • Fixed saving empty message field in Events Reporting rules
    • Fixed showing correct APN settings when upgrading with the 'Keep all settings' option
    • Fixed Events Reporting send test email page display when email contains 2 new lines in a row
    • Fixed phrasing and grammatical mistakes in SMS messages tooltip
    • Fixed LAN Overview section display
    • Fixed early login page load after reboot or backup upload
    • Fixed Package Manager notification display
    • Fixed SMS rule display for different devices
    • Fixed PPTP and L2TP client configuration creation with same name
    • Fixed static route removal if corresponding interface is removed
    • Fixed Realtime Graphs → Traffic tab display
    • Fixed OpenVPN username and password writing to file
    • Fixed time zone sync between Setup Wizard & NTP pages
    • Fixed DHCP lease range validation
    • Fixed possible synchronization loss of Mobile SSID LEDs
    • No longer write anything into Events Log when forcing reboot to prevent device hang-up
    • Fixed restore settings when upgrading from old FW
    • Fixed launching stm32 autoflash script at early boot to avoid possible keep settings loss
    • Removed certain Events Reporting options on devices that don't have the corresponding functionality
    • Fixed recovery from lost connection for MQTT publisher, Modbus MQTT gateway
    • Fixed factory reset script which used to fail when SMS limit database is not initialized

TRB1450_R_00.01.06.1 | 2019.12.19

  • New:
    • SMS Gateway POST/GET, Auto Reply, SMS Forwarding
    • net-snmp 5.8 support
    • Modbus TCP slave, TCP master, data to server
    • Firmware over the air support
    • Events log
    • Mobile data limit
    • SMS limit
    • Static routes
    • RMS status, action and connect SMS rules
    • SMS I/O status rule
    • Configuration Profiles
    • Auto-APN
  • Improvements:
    • WebUI style improvements
    • I/O POST/GET, Output Scheduler
    • Added specific LED blinking on firmware upgrade, device boot and mobile indication
    • Added password protected access shell
    • Changed GPIO direction and state SMS rules
  • Fixes:
    • Added default device name
    • Access control fixes
    • Fixed RMS download, upload and data sending while connecting

TRB1450_R_00.01.05 | 2019.09.30

  • New:
    • Firewall sync with upstream
  • Improvements:
    • Improved partition checking logic
  • Fixes:
    • Removed alsa-intf dependancy
    • Disabled DROP SSDP rules
    • Fixed invalid magic number message
    • Fixes for multiple APNs
    • Disabled MCM on full modem control over serial
    • Fixed Deny data roaming option setting wrong values
    • Fix not showing I/O (dwi, relay, input) content in certain devices

TRB1450_R_00.01.04.1 | 2019.08.02

  • Fixes:
    • Input/Output related fixes

TRB1450_R_00.01.04 | 2019.07.15

  • New features:
    • Added Input/Output configuration and overview page
    • Added I/O status managememt SMS Utilities rules

TRB1450_R_00.01.03 | 2019.06.14

  • New features:
    • Added System → Administration → Diagnostics page
    • Added deny roaming option
  • Improvements:
    • Updated WebUI notification box style
  • Fixes:
    • Renamed misleading RS485 echo label into full duplex
    • Status → System table style fix
    • Fixed reset mobile bytes received/sent counter after connection restart
    • Fixed IPsec connection after reboot
    • Fixed call utilities mobile turn off rule

TRB1450_R_00.01.02 | 2019.05.22

  • New features:
    • Added Profiles functionality
    • Added Modbus TCP functionality
    • Added MQTT broker and publisher support
    • Add L2TP support
    • Added PPTP support
    • Added GRE Tunnel support
  • Improvements:
    • Added output state keeping after device reboot
    • SDK: added sanitized Linux headers
    • Add LED indication when in fastboot mode
    • Enabled reset button to enter fastboot mode
  • Fixes:
    • Show valid output options when using bidirectional serial over IP type
    • Fixed reloading eth0 interface

TRB1450_R_00.01.01.2 | 2019.03.25

  • New features:
    • Added Mobile Utilities service
  • Improvements
    • Improved modem boot up speed
    • Improved modem compression ratio
    • Added requirement to change password on first boot
    • Disallow keep settings when flashing an older firmware
  • Fixes:
    • Firewall append config with reload option
    • Added OpenVPN certs removal on OpenVPN tunnel section deletion
    • Various fixes for OpenVPN page
    • Backup/keep-settings fixed to include OpenVPN certificates and tlt auth files
    • Backup/keep-settings ficed to preserve root password
    • Added NTRIP client init
    • Changed NTRIP server IP address field to support hostnames
    • I/O failure fix due to updated hardware
    • Fixed backup file uploading
    • Syntax fix on the RMS page
    • Fix signal LED no. 1 being always on
    • Reset modem after configuration changes fix
    • DDNS service restart after reboot/interface reload fix
    • Fixed renewing CLI session
    • Fixed setting date on boot
    • sysup fix
    • sodog fix

TRB1450_R_00.01.00 | 2019.02.01

  • Improvements
    • New versioning system

TRB14X_R_00.00.11 | 2019.01.16

  • New features:
    • Added CLI service
    • Added Static Routes page
  • Improvements
    • Added some visual style changes

TRB14X_R_00.00.10 | 2018.12.06

  • New features:
    • First factory firmware
    • Added NTP service
    • Added Dynamic DNS service
    • Added Auto Reboot service
    • Added Input/Output service
    • Added RS232/RS485 services