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This wiki page contains information about TSW200 switch LEDs and their actions.

Power LED[edit source]

The power LED is located on the bottom left corner of the front panel, near the power connector:

Network tsw200 manual tsw200 pwr led v1.png

It can perform two different actions:

Action Description
LED turned ON Switch is powered up
LED turned OFF Switch is not power up

Ethernet port[edit source]

No. Action Describtion
Networking tsw100 manual ethernet port LED v2.png
1 Orange LED lit 10/100 Mbps link established
2 Orange LED blinking Active link connection
3 Green LED lit 1000 Mbps link established

SFP port[edit source]

No. Action Describtion
Networking tsw2xx manual sfp port LED v1.png
1 Down LED lit Lower port link established
2 Down LED blinking Lower port active traffic
3 Up LED lit Upper port link established
4 Up LED blinking Upper port active traffic