TSW202 Diagnostics

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The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version .

Network Diagnostics


This Diagnostcis section is used to execute simple network diagnostic tests, including ping, traceroute and nslookup.

Networking tswos manual diagnostics network diagnostics.png

Field Value Description
Method Ping | Traceroute | Nslookup; default: Ping Specifies the diagnostics method.
  • Ping - sends ICMP requests to the specified address.
  • Traceroute - displays the path that packets have to take in order to reach the specified address.
  • Nslookup - obtains domain name address and IP address mapping information.
  • Protocol IPv4 | IPv6; default: IPv4 Selects the IP (Internet Protocol) version.
    Address ip; default: none IP address or hostname to perform the diagnostic test on.
    Perform -(interactive) button Performs the diagnostic test.

    Cable Diagnostic

    Cable Diagnostic

    This Cable Diagnostcis service is dedicated to provide information about cable status and length. Full cable diagnostic is performed only when the cable is connected to the switch device. When the cable is fully connected only the cable length measurements will be provided. Note: the provided cable information may not be fully accurate and margin of error could be expected.

    To run cable diagnostic, select ports and press 'Run Diagnostic' button:

    Networking tswos manual diagnostics cable diagnostics.png

    Cable Diagnostic Results

    Networking tswos manual diagnostics cable diagnostics results.png

    Field Name Description
    Pair Cable pair number.
  • Normal - cable connected.
  • Short - short circuit due to bad contact.
  • Open - connection is open on the other end.
  • Crosstalk - connection is broken due to cable quality.
  • Lenght (m) Cable length range. Possible mistake of calculation - 10 meters.
    Full location (m) Location of cable damage when status is crosstalk.