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The LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a vendor-neutral link layer protocol used by network devices for advertising their identity, capabilities, and neighbors on a local area network based on IEEE 802 technology, principally wired Ethernet.

LLDP Configuration

The LLDP Configuration section is used to choose the ports you want to send LLDP frames to. This helps in discovering and monitoring network devices connected to those specific ports.

Networking tswos manual lldp lldp configuration.png

Field Value Description
Enable off | on; default: off Enables LLDP service. Note: SNMP will be enabled when enabling LLDP.
Interval integer [1..65535]; default: 5 The LLDP interval represents the frequency of network device updates and is measured in seconds.
Mark selected ports (0) as -(interactive) buttons -Enable | Disable Choose the ports you want to send LLDP frames to.

LLDP Neighbors

The LLDP Neighbors section displays current LLDP neighbors.

Networking tswos manual lldp lldp neighbors.png

Field Name Description
Port name Name of physical port.
Station name Neighbors station name.
Chassis ID Identifier of the chassis.
IP address Neighbors device IP.
Port description Neighbors port description