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This Wiki page contains the online version of the Quick Start Guide (QSG) for the TSW304 Switch. Here you will find an overview of the various components found on the front and back sides of a TSW304 switch, basic hardware installation, device specifications and general safety information. It is highly recommended that you acquaint yourself with with the Quick Start Guide before using the device. If you own a TSW304 switch, you can also find a printed version of the Quick Start Guide in the device's package.

TSW304 Front panel Top.png

Front view

No. Description
Networking tsw304 manual panels front.png
1 Grounding screw
2 2 pin power socket
3 Power LED
5 Ethernet ports

Back view

Networking tsw304 manual panels back.png


2 pin power socket

The power socket is bipolar.
TSW304 power socket pinout.png

Ethernet port

No. Action Describtion
Networking tsw100 manual ethernet port LED v2.png
1 Orange LED lit 10/100 Mbps link established
1 Orange LED blinking Active link connection
2 Green LED lit 1000 Mbps link established

Safety information

TSW304 switch must be used in compliance with any and all applicable national and international laws and with any special restrictions regulating the utilization of the communication module in prescribed applications and environments.

Technical specifications
Input voltage range 7 - 57 V
Max power consumption <5 W
Max Ethernet cable length 100 m



Qsg rut950 manual.PNGThis sign on the package means that is necessary to read the User's Manual before you start using the device

Qsg rut950 recycle.PNGThis sign on the package means that all used electronic and electric equipment should not be mixed with general household waste