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Can it be made more explicit in the Site Blocking Settings section what format(s) the Hostname can take? Whilst the section on Proxy Based Content Blocker covers the use of wildcards and is clear in that regard, the Site Blocking Settings section makes no reference as to whether the Hostname parameter can also include - or otherwise accept - a wildcard-like pattern. For instance in the provided example of "", how would one know that we can or can not use "" (thereby also include all subdomains of this domain)? To me this would be a reasonable assumption but there's nothing to make a solid determination on that in the documentation.

On hostname specification in Site Blocking

When you specify a certain hostname, the subdomains for that hostname will also be blocked/allowed (depending on Mode) in Site Blocking.

As for the format: the only type of input accepted in Site Blocking is or The protocol and subdomains can't be specified.

I've added this information to the description of the Hostname field. Thank you for your observations!