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Russian CCC certificate (Communications Compliance certificate) is the certificate of conformity obligatory at the point of realization in the domestic market of the Russian Federation, or of operation of goods relating to means of communication.


The complete list of categories of communication equipment whose operation requires the Communications Compliance certificate is provided in the Resolution "On the Approval of the List of the Means of Communication Subject to Obligatory Certification". The Communications Compliance certificate is required on various wired and wireless means of communication:

  • Means of communication, works as a switching systems (hardware communication centers, telephone exchanges, switches);
  • Means of communication, works as a digital transport systems (switches and routers for data networks, PDH, SDH, etc.);
  • Communication facilities for management and monitoring of networks;
  • Billing equipment;
  • Radio-electronic means of communication (satellite stations, base stations, television or radio broadcasting);
  • Servers, including software, providing communications services;
  • Terminal equipment, connecting to the public telecommunications network (mobile phones and terminals, tablets and laptops).


Teltonika's {{{name}}} routers are CCC certified.

[[File:{{{file_png}}}|thumb|center|300px|link=Special:Redirect/file/{{{file_png}}}|CCC certificate]]

To download a PDF version of the declaration, [[Media:{{{file_pdf}}}|click here]].

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