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Configure your computer Wi-Fi (Windows)

1. Ensure the Wireless network connection is Enabled. Go to Start — Control Panel — Network and Internet — Network and Sharing Center. Click on the Change adapter settings in the left panel, then right-click on Wireless Network Adapter, and select Enable.
Configure your computer step 1.png
2. Check if IP and DNS are obtained automatically. Right-click on Wireless Network Adapter and select Properties. Then select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties.
3. If not selected, check to obtain an IP address and obtain DNS server address automatically. Click OK.
Configure your computer step 2.png
4. Connect to a wireless network by right-clicking on Wireless Network Adapter and selecting Connect.
Configure your computer step 3.png
5. Choose the wireless network {{{name}}} **** from the list and click Connect. Enter the Wi-Fi password located on the device's label.
Configure your computer step 4.png