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mugiCloud is a technology-driven company based in Gipuzkoa, Spain. It specializes in the development of the solutions that provide value-added services to the passenger transportation industry through expertise in Wireless, Internet and cloud-based platforms. This success story will focus on two primary solutions offered by mugicloud:

mugiCloud location and captive portal management platform is an innovative solution for vehicles that significantly helps reduce expenses, optimize fleet management and offer additional revenue stream. All of this is made possible by improving customer satisfaction and managing Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular connectivity by convenient SaaS Cloud platform.

mugiMedia is an onboard entertainment solution designed to improve traveler’s experience offering bus passengers a convenient onboard entertainment system with streaming files and music from an onboard media device. It conserves cellular data plans because all content is hosted onboard and shared through Wi-Fi. It also enables enhanced engagement with the passengers through trip location and status information.

mugiCloud topology

Teltonika RUT955 is the central hub connecting mugiCloud servers and passenger transport while providing WiFi, cellular connectivity and GNSS position location services.

Mugicloud topology.png

mugiMedia topology

MugiMedia solution provides all the WiFi services using the Teltonika RUT955 device. All the cellular connectivity and GNSS position location services are handled by the Teltonika RUT955 router.

Mugimedia topology.png

Installing mugiCloud solution

Steps for installing mugiCloud solution:

  1. Obtain a Teltonika RUT955 router.
  2. Download the custom mugiCloud firmware and upload it to the router.
  3. Contact mugiCloud for additional information on how to complete the configuration.

mugiCloud platform

You can learn more about the platform and its benefits by visiting https://mugicloud.com/ or reading the user manual.

mugiMedia solution

To learn more about mugiMedia solution watch the Youtube video.