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3D view

You can inspect the device's 3D model by downloading one of the following 3D files:

  • [[Media:Networking_{{{name}}}_manual_spatial_measurements_3d.pdf|3D .pdf file]]
  • [[Media:Networking_{{{name}}}_manual_spatial_measurements_3d.{{{3d_type}}}|3D .{{{3d_type}}} file]]

Viewing 3D PDF file

To view and interact with the 3D PDF file, please follow these steps:

  • Download the file.
  • Open the file with a PDF viewing program; for this overview Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version 2020.012.20043 was used. Do not use your browser to open the file, because you will see only a blank page.
  • It is that likely 3D content viewing will be disabled by default. If that is the case, you will see a blank page with a warning.
    Click on Options and select either to trust the document once or always. Pick a choice in accordance with your preferences.
    Networking device manual spatial measurements opening 3d pdf adobe warning.png
  • After this you should be able to see and interact with the 3D model. For easier navigation, click the right mouse button and select Show Model Tree and look to the left side. You should see a list with all parts where you can pick and choose what you want to be displayed on your screen.
  • If a warning message was not displayed but you still cannot view the 3D PDF file, please try the following:
    1. Go to Edit → Preferences → 3D & Multimedia.
    2. Tick the Enable playing 3D content checkbox.
    3. If you cannot locate 3D content options, please update your PDF viewer to the latest version.