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Wget Reboot

Wget is a computer program that retrieves content from web servers. The Wget Reboot function works in a very similar manner to Ping Reboot. While Ping Reboot sends ping requests to determine whether the conditions for the specified action have been met, Wget Reboot attempts to retrieve the contents of a web server.

The figure below is an example of the Wget Reboot configuration page and the table below provides information on the fields contained in that page:


field name value description
Enable yes | no; Default: no Turns Wget Reboot ON or OFF
Action if no response is received Reboot | Modem restart | Restart mobile connection | (Re)register | None; Default: Reboot The action that will be performed after the specified number of failed Wget requests
Interval between requests 1 mins | 2 mins | 3 mins | 4 mins | 5 mins | 15 mins | 30 mins | 1 hour | 2 hours; Default: 5 mins Interval at which Wget requests will be sent to the specified host or IP address
Wget timeout (sec) integer [1..9999]; Default: 2 Maximum response time (in seconds). If no response is received after the amount of time specified in this field, the Wget request is considered to have failed
Retry count integer [1..9999]; Default: 5 Indicates how many additional times the device will try retrieving the web server's content with Wget if the initial attempt fails
Host to ping host | ip; Default: www.google.com Host or IP address to send Wget requests to