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The Setup Wizard is a tool that offers a simplified version of other WebUI pages used to set some of the router's most relevant parameters:

  • [[{{{name}}} NTP|Time]]
  • [[{{{name}}} Mobile|SIM card]]
  • [[{{{name}}} Wireless|WiFi]]
  • [[{{{name}}}_Administration#RMS|RMS]]

You will be greeted with the Setup Wizard the first time you login, after you have changed the router's default password. On other logins you will be redirected to the [[{{{name}}} Overview|Overview]] page, but you can reach the Setup Wizard any time via the System → Setup Wizard page.

This page is an overview of the Setup Wizard tool for {{{name}}} routers.

The information in this page is updated in accordance with the [[Media:{{{fw_version}}}_WEBUI.bin|{{{fw_version}}}]] firmware version.

Set new password

On your very first login you will be required to change the router's default password. This is done for safety reasons. In many cases routers are used to provide access to remote networks and systems. Since many manufacturers use similar default passwords (like admin, admin01, admin123, etc.) it is easy for attackers to gain access to routers that use such passwords and compromise the systems behind them. Therefore, to avoid such malicious attacks, this step is mandatory and you will not able to access the rest of the WebUI before you change the password.

The new password must contain:

  • 8-32 characters;
  • at least one upper case letter;
  • at least one lower case letter;
  • at least one digit.


After you have entered the new password, click 'Save'. Afterwards you will be redirected to the first page of the Setup Wizard.


The General section is used to configure the router's time settings and sleep mode.


The section below is used to enable sleep mode. Sleep mode is a function that automatically puts the rotuer into standby mode after a user specified delay.

If you wish to set these setting later, you can find them via the following paths:

  • Time settings - Services → [[{{{name}}} NTP|NTP]]
  • Sleep mode - System → Administration → [[{{{name}}} Administration#General|General]]


The Mobile section is used to configure the router's SIM card parameters.


Field Value Description
Settings mode Automatic | Advanced; default: Automatic This configuration page's template.
  • Automatic - sets most of the main SIM card parameters automatically.
  • Advanced - provides more SIM card configuration options. For reference on these settings, visit the [[{{{name}}} Mobile]] Wiki page.
PIN number string; default: none A 4-digit long numeric password used to authenticate the modem to the SIM card.
Service mode 2G only | 3G only | 4G (LTE) only | Automatic; default: Automatic Preffered service type.
Data roaming On | Off; default: Off Turns mobile data roaming on or off.

If you wish to set the router's Mobile settings later instead, you can do so via the Network → [[{{{name}}} Mobile|Mobile]] page.


This section is used to configure the settings required to connect the router to the RMS (Remote Management System) - a cloud system designed by Teltonika and intended for remote monitoring and management of Teltonika-Networks products.

In order to add a device(s) to RMS, get yourself acquainted by watching this instructional video and register an account by clicking here. Each unique device receives a free month-long RMS license when added to RMS for the first time.


Field Value Description
Connection type Enabled | Standby | Disabled; default: Enabled Defines how the device will connect to RMS:
  • Enabled - the device attempts to connect to RMS every 2-5 minutes (every 2 minutes the first hour; then every 5 minutes). If it cannot connect for 14 days, it will enter Standby mode.
  • Standby - the device attempts to connect to RMS every 6 hours.
  • Disabled - RMS functionality is disabled.

When connection type is set to 'Enabled', the router attempts to connect to RMS every 2-5 minutes. To skip this wait, click the 'Connect' button to initiate a connection instantly.

If you wish to set the router's RMS settings later instead, you can do so via the System → Administration → [[{{{name}}}_Administration#RMS|RMS]] page.


The WiFi section is used to configure the router's WiFi access point (AP). A WiFi access point is a type of wireless interface that provides WiFi access to connecting clients.


Field Value Description
Wireless name string; default: {{{name}}}_<last 4 symbols of WiFi MAC> Sets the access point's SSID. The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is an identification string (name) for the access point. It is how the access point will be seen by connecting devices.
Require password yes | no; default: yes When selected, protects the access point with a password. New devices have a unique WiFi password which can be located on a sticker on the bottom of the device.

If you wish to set the router's WiFi settings later instead, you can do so via the Network → [[{{{name}}} Wireless|Wireless]] page.

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