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The WAN section displays information about the Main and Backup WAN connections. The figure below is an example of the Mobile page:


Field Description
Interface WAN type. Possible values are:
  • Mobile
  • Wired
  • Wireless
Type [[{{{name}}}_Mobile#Mobile_Configuration|Connection type]] or [[{{{name}}}_WAN#Common_Configuration|protocol]]. The value displayed in this field is dependent on used WAN type. Possible values are:
  • Mobile WAN
    • QMI - Qualcomm MSM Interface, a proprietary protocol used between Qualcomm cellular processors and their software stacks
    • PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol; uses a dialling number to establish a data connection
  • WiFi WAN
    • DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol; the WAN network interface controller acts as a DHCP client, meaning that it receives a dynamically assigned IP address and other network configuration parameters
    • Static - WAN network interface controller configuration parameters are set manually (used when the WAN gateway is not a DHCP server)
IP address Router's WAN IP address
WAN MAC MAC address of the WAN network interface controller (WiFi radio). This field is only visible if main WAN is set to WiFi
Netmask A netmask is used to define how "large" a network is by specifying which part of the IP address denotes the network and which part denotes the device
Gateway Gateway of the default route - an IP address through which the router reaches the Internet
DNS DNS servers used by the main WAN connection
Connected Currently used WAN connection uptime
Backup WAN Status Displays the router's current WAN failover status
Refresh Refreshes all information fields in the page

WAN settings can be customized via the Network → [[{{{name}}} WAN|WAN]] page.