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value to set register address register value description
Hostname 7 Hostname Changes hostname
Device name 71 Device name Changes device name
Switch WiFi (ON/OFF*) 203 1 | 0 Turns WiFi ON or OFF
Switch mobile data connection (ON/OFF*) 204 1 | 0 Turns mobile data connection ON or OFF
Switch SIM card 205 1 | 2 | 0 Changes the active SIM card slot
  • 1 - switch to SIM1
  • 2 - switch to SIM2
  • 0 - switch from the the SIM card opposite of the one currently in use (SIM1 → SIM2 or SIM2 → SIM1
Reboot 206 1 Reboots the router
Change APN 207 APN code Changes APN.
The number of input registers may vary depending on the length of the APN, but the very first byte of the set APN command denotes the number of the SIM card for which to set the APN. This byte should be set to:
  • 1 - to set APN for SIM1
  • 2 - to set APN for SIM2
Switch PIN4 state (ON/OFF*) 325 1 | 0 Turns PIN4 state ON or OFF