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You can control and monitor input and output values via a command line interface (CLI) with the gpio.sh command. You can execute this command without any additional options to get usage syntax examples:

root@Teltonika-RUT950:~# gpio.sh
GPIO control aplication
        Usage: /sbin/gpio.sh <ACTION> <NAME>
        ACTION - set, clear, get, export, invert, dirout, dirin, getpin
        NAME - SIM      DOUT1   DOUT2   DIN1    DIN2    MON     MRST    DOUT3   DIN3    RS485_R SDCS    HWRST


  • DIN1 - Digital input
  • DOUT1 - Digital output

For example, to get the status of the digital output use the following command:

root@Teltonika:~# gpio.sh get DOUT1

The return value 0 means that the output is in Inactive (Low level), i.e., OFF. You can turn it ON (Active (High level)) by setting its value to 1:

root@Teltonika:~# gpio.sh set DOUT1
root@Teltonika:~# gpio.sh get DOUT1

As seen in the example above, you can change the value of an output by using the invert command, which simply turns the current value of the specified output and turns it into its opposite state.