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The information in this page is updated in accordance with the [[Media:_WEBUI.bin|]] firmware version.


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a popular protocol for network management. It is used for collecting information from, and configuring, network devices.

This manual page provides an overview of the SNMP function in {{{name}}} devices.

SNMP is additional software that can be installed from the Services → [[{{{name}}} Package Manager|Package Manager]] page.

MIB file downloads


SNMP Configuration

Services snmp configuration v2.png

Field Value Description
MIB file - (interactive button) Downloads the MIB file for this device.
Enable SNMP service yes | no; default: no Turns SNMP on or off.
Enable remote access yes | no; default: no Opens a port (set in the field below) in the Firewall settings so that the SNMP service may be reached remotely from WAN.
Port integer [0..65535]; default: 161 SNMP service port.
Community Public | Private | Custom; default: Public SNMP Community is an ID that allows access to a router's SNMP data.
Location string; default: Location SysLocation object. Arbitrary SNMP variable that represents a custom location.
Contact string; default: email@example.com SysContact object. Arbitrary SNMP variable that represents a contact Name.
Name string; default: Name SysName object. Arbitrary SNMP variable that represents the system's Name.
SNMP version v1/v2 | v1/v2/v3 | v3; default: v1/v2 Specifies which SNMP version is to be used.

Trap Settings

Services snmp trap.PNG

Field Value Description
SNMP trap yes | no; default: no Turns SNMP trap on or off.
Host/IP host | ip; default: none Host to transfer SNMP traffic to.
Port integer [0..65535]; default: 162 Port number of the trap's host.
Community Public | Private; default: Public SNMP Community is an ID that allows access to a router's SNMP data.

List of traps

Signal strength trap A message will be sent when the mobile signal strength drops below specified value.
Connection type trap A message will be sent when connection type changes, e.g. GSM changes to WCDMA.
Digital input trap A message will be sent when digital input state will change to a specified one.
Digital output trap A message will be sent when digital output state will change to a specified one.

SNMP Variables list

ModemImei.0 . Modem IMEI
ModemModel.0 . Modem model
ModemManufacturer.0 . Modem manufacturer
ModemRevision.0 . Modem revision
ModemSerial.0 . Modem serial number
Imsi.0 . Modem IMSI
RouterName.0 . Router's name
ProductCode.0 . Router's Product code
BatchNumber.0 . Router's batch number
HardwareRevision.0 . Router's Hardware Revision number
SimState.0 . SIM card status
PinState.0 . PIN status
NetState.0 . Mobile network registration status
Signal.0 . Signal strength level
Operator.0 . Operator currently in use
OperatorNumber.0 . Operator number (MCC+MNC)
ConnectionState.0 . Data session connection state
ConnectionType.0 . Data session connection type
Temperature.0 . Modem's temperature in 0.1 degrees Celsius
ReceivedToday.0* . The current day's RX packet count
SentToday.0* . The current day's TX packet count
ReceivedYesterday.0* . Yesterday's RX packet count
SentYesterday.0* . Yesterday's TX packet count
FirmwareVersion.0 . Router's Firmware version
SimSlot.0 . SIM slot currently in use
RouterUptime.0 . Router up-time in seconds
ConnectionUptime.0 . Mobile connection up-time in seconds
MobileIP.0 . IP address of the mobile interface
Sent.0* . The amount of data sent through the mobile interface
Received.0* . The amount of data received through the mobile interface
CellID.0 . ID of the current mobile operator's cell
SINR.0 . SINR value in dB
RSRP.0 . RSRP value in dBm
RSRQ.0 . RSRQ value in dB
iccid.0 . ICCID value for current SIM
hotSpotId.0 . Hotspot ID
hotSpotSsid.0 . Hotspot SSID
hotSpotEnableState.0 . Hotspot status (enabled or disabled)
hotSpotIP.0 . Hotspot interface IP address
hotSpotDownloadBandWidth.0 . Hotspot download bandwidth
hotSpotUploadBandWidth.0 . Hotspot upload bandwidth
hotSpotUsers.0 . Hotspot users list
hotSpotUsersPass.0 . Hotspot users password list
hotSpotUsersActive.0 . List of active Hotspot users
hotSpotUsersMac.0 . Hotspot users MAC address list
hotSpotUsersIp.0 . Hotspot users IP address list
hotSpotUsersStartTime.0 . Hotspot users log in time list
hotSpotUsersUseTime.0 . Hotspot users log in up-time list
hotSpotUsersDownload.0 . Hotspot users downloaded data count
hotSpotUsersUpload.0 . Hotspot users uploaded data count
hotSpotEndTime.0 . Hotspot
DigitalInput.0 . Digital input state
DigitalIsolatedInput.0 . Digital isolated input state
AnalogInput.0 . Analog input state
DigitalOCOutput.0 . Digital OC output state
DigitalRelayOutput.0 . Digital Relay output state
AnalogInputCalc.0 . Analog input value

* Mobile data usage values can only be obtained with SNMP v2 or v3.
** Values from second, third or fourth hotspot instance can be taken by changing X value ., possible values are 1 - 4.

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