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The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version [[Media:{{{series}}}_R_00.02.06.1_WEBUI.bin|{{{series}}}_R_00.02.06.1]].

Summary[edit source]

TR-069 (Technical Report 069) is an application layer protocol designed for management of equipment connected to a remote network.

This chapter of the user manual provides an overview of the UPnP page in {{{name}}} devices.

TR-069 is additional software that can be installed from the Services → [[{{{name}}} Package Manager|Package Manager]] page. The 'Package Manager' service is available from FW version

TR-069 Client Configuration[edit source]

Networking rutx manual tr-069 client configuration v1.png

Field Value Description
Enable off | on; default: off Turns TR-069 client on or off.
Periodic enable off | on; default: on Turns periodic data transmissions to server on or off.
Accept server request off | on; default: off When enabled the device accepts connection requests from servers.
Sending interval integer [60..9999999]; default: 100 Periodic data transmission frequency (in seconds).
Username string; default: easycwmp Username used for authentication to a TR-069 server.
Password string; default: easycwmp Password used for authentication to a TR-069 server.
URL host | ip; default: IP address or hostname of a TR-069 server.

Management via TR-069[edit source]

TR-069 can be used to set or get values from RUT devices. Below is a list of commands used for device management via TR-069.

  • R - read only;
  • RW - read/write;
  • string(64) - 64 bit string;
  • string(256) - 256 bit string;
  • unsignedInt - integer storing only positive values.

Device Information:

  1. DeviceInfo.Manufacturer - device manufacturer (e.g., Teltonika) R
  2. DeviceInfo.ProductClass - device model (e.g., {{{name}}}) R
  3. DeviceInfo.SerialNumber - device serial number (e.g., 1000111111) R
  4. DeviceInfo.UpTime - device uptime R;

Mobile Information:

  1. MobileInfo.ICCID - SIM ICCID R;
  2. MobileInfo.Operator - name of operator used R;
  3. MobileInfo.SentThisMonth - bytes sent this month R;
  4. MobileInfo.ReceivedThisMonth - bytes received this month R;

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