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The LAN section displays information about your Local Area Network and active DHCP leases.

LAN Information

The LAN Information section contains data on the router's LAN interface(s). The figure below is an example of the LAN Information section:


Field Description
Name LAN interface name
IP address Router's LAN IP address
Netmask A netmask is used to define how "large" a network is by specifying which part of the IP address denotes the network and which part denotes the device
Ethernet MAC address Router's LAN MAC address
Connected for LAN interface uptime

DHCP Leases

The DHCP Leases section contains information on DHCP clients that hold active DHCP lease. The figure below is an example of the DHCP Leases section:


Field Description
Hostname DHCP client's hostname.
IP address DHCP client's IP address.
LAN name LAN interface name through which the client is connected to the router.
MAC address DHCP client's MAC address.
Lease time remaining Remaining lease time for a DHCP client. Active DHCP lease holders will try to renew their DHCP leases after a half of the lease time passes. DHCP lease settings can be changed in the Network → LAN → [[{{{name}}} LAN#General|DHCP Server]] section.


The Ports displays an image of the router's front panel with highlighted Ethernet ports that are currently in use. The Refresh button refreshes all information fields in the page. The figure below is an example of the Ports section: