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ioman.acl.acl0     - Analog Current loop
ioman.adc.adc0     - Analog input
ioman.dwi.dwi0     - Passive/Active input (PIN1)
ioman.dwi.dwi1     - Passive/Active input (PIN2)
ioman.gpio.dio0    - Configurable input/output (PIN3) 
ioman.gpio.dio1    - Configurable input/output (PIN4) 
ioman.gpio.iio     - Isolated input
ioman.gpio.onewire - One wire
ioman.relay.relay0 - Relay
ioman.relay.relay1 - Latching relay

In order to read values, use the status command:

ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 status
ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 status

To change input settings, use the update command and specify a value:

ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 update '{"value":"0"}'
ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 update '{"value":"1"}'

To change relay settings, use the update command and specify a state:

ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 update '{"state":"open"}'
ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 update '{"state":"closed"}'

Reading I/O values from directory

You can also collect I/O values straight from directories in your device.

Digital inputs, Relay outputs

The following is a list of I/O directories in /sys/class/gpio/:

dwi1(dry wet) input 14; toggle 12 (to read value refer to gpio14, to change state dry/wet refer to gpio12)
dwi2(dry wet) input 15; toggle 38 (to read value refer to gpio15, to change state dry/wet refer to gpio38)
relay open 20; closed 22; (turn off gpio20 set to 0, turn on gpio22 set value to 1; and visa versa)
latching relay open 23; close 21 (turn off gpio23 set to 0, turn on gpio21 set value to 1; and visa versa)
dio0 (power socket) input 13; output 16 (direction can be changed, to read input use gpio13, to control output use gpio16)
dio1 (power socket) input 17; output 78 (direction can be changed, to read input use gpio17, to control output use gpio78)
iio (isolated input) input 1021 (to read value refer to gpio1021)

In order to read digital input values, use the cat command:

cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio14/value
cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio15/value
cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio1021/value

To change an input state, use the echo command (where "1" is "dry" state and "0" is "wet" state):

echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio12/value
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio38/value

When one Relay output is open, the other one is closed; so to turn an output on or off, you will have to change the value on both pins:

echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio20/value & echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio22/value
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio23/value & echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio21/value

ADC (Analog Input)

The ADC (Analog Input) value can be read from a different directory:

cat /sys/devices/qpnp-vadc-8/mpp4_vadc 

Divide the result by 126582 in order to convert the number into volts (V).


In order to read one-wire sensor data you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Set one-wire sensor value to "1' using the ubus command:
    ubus call ioman.gpio.onewire update '{"value":"1"}'
  2. List the connected one-wire devices from the /sys/bus/w1/devices directory using the ls command:
    ls /sys/bus/w1/devices
  3. Choose a sensor to read and obtain its state from the /sys/bus/w1/devices/<device_name>/w1_slave directory:
    cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/<device_name>/w1_slave