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Standards applied

The device in question and its components were considered under the following:

External case of RUT955 Material: Aluminium with ABS+PC panel
In accordance with Reg. ECE points and it is not necessary to submit this component to the tests in the Annexes VI, VII and VIII*.
External connectors The above told connectors are fabricated in plastic material and metal.
Their surface and volume does not exceed respectively the are of 300 cm2 or 120 cm2, considering the most onerous condition foreseen by Reg. 118 ECE (point
Miscellaneous internal components Inside the router parts of electrical/electronic components are contained. It is premised that in any case the shape/dimensions of such components do not allow the extraction of samples in the dimensions prescribed by Annex VI para. 3.1 and Annex para. 3 (see Reg. 118 ECE point
Moreover these parts are completely contained in the metallic/plastic case and therefore they are not exposed to any source of flame and/or irradiance.
  • Annex 6 - Test to determine the horizontal burning rate of materials
  • Annex 7 - Test to determine the melting behaviour of materials
  • Annex 8 - Test to determine the vertical burning rate of materials