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To add a new device(s) to RMS, go to the RMS web page, Left sidebar panel, (Management → Devices) and click on Devices submenu.

Scroll your mouse pointer to the Top control Device menu and select Add device (Device → Add device).

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Watch a Youtube tutorial:

Step by step instructions

Alternatively, read these step-by-step instructions to learn how to add a new device(s).

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  • Make sure your device has an Internet connection.
  • Follow the directions above to locate the correct menu item.
  1. Select the desired company to which you will be adding the device.
  2. Select the model type of the device you will be adding.
  3. Enable device service if you want the device to be able to connect to the RMS platform (This will activate a trial credit or credit from your RMS company credit pool)
  4. Provide the necessary details: input the desired device name, serial number, LAN MAC address, and the device's current admin password.
  5. Click Submit if all details are correct and you're ready to add the device to your RMS company.

  • Wait for about a minute for the system to finish adding the device(s). You will know the process is finished when the word "Done" appears under the Status field.
  • After closing the pop-up window, you will see the newly added device(s) a the top of the device table.

RMS Authentication code

In some cases, while adding the device, you will be provided an authentication code. This code is not related to the device's admin/root password. Code is only used to authorize the device with the associated RMS Company.

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  • This authentication code for the provided device must be inserted in the devices RMS configuration.

Note: authentication code can only be inserted on devices with RutOS firmware 07.07.x and above.

  1. In device's WebUI, navigate to Services -> Cloud Solutions -> RMS.
  2. In the field Authentication code, type in the code that was provided to you by RMS while adding the device. If you missed the authentication code during device registration, you can view it in the Device's details page in RMS or by changing table settings in the Devices page to display the Authentication code column.
  3. Save the change by clicking Save & Apply.

Rms faq add device3.png


  • Click the plus (Rms plus symbol.png) symbol to add more than one device.
  • Enable auto crediting checkmark - if checked, a credit will automatically be assigned to the added device (if there are credits available).
  • You can close the pop-up window earlier if you wish.
  • When the status circle turns green, the system will have finished adding the device to RMS.


Locating serial, MAC, IMEI

You can find the serial number, LAN MAC address, IMEI on the device or in the WebUI. For RUTX11 Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS or check for more information RUTX11 RMS page in Cloud Solutions. And for example, for RUT955, go to the System → Administration → RMS or visit RUT955 RMS page in Administration for more information.

Important! Make sure you are using the LAN MAC address when adding a device to RMS.