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Summary[edit source]

RMS has 3 ways to determine device's location:

  • Manual location selection
  • Using device GPS information - only available for devices with GPS functionality.
  • Using Cell tower information - used when location is not set manually and there is no GPS information from device.
  • Manual sellection[edit source]

    Device position can be set manually from RMS. That can be done by opening device's details, selecting "Location" tab

    Rms manual device submenu gps location 01.png

    World map will appear, you can zoom in to preferred location by scrolling mouse wheel then press "Tag position" button select location on map and click Save

    Rms manual device submenu gps location 02.png

    Using Device GPS[edit source]

    If device has GPS functionality, device's location can be retrieved from device itself. For that "GPS monitoring" setting in RMS must be enabled. Guidance how to do that can be found here.

    Using Cell tower information[edit source]

    RMS can try to determine approximate device's location using cell tower information. This is done one time a day, at 00:00 UTC+0 time. Location is determined using the following cell tower database

    Location Priority[edit source]

    Each method has different priority:

    Highest priority - Manually set location. If device location is manually set, it will be shown at all time, regardless of actual device's GPS coordinates

    Second highest priority - Device's GPS information. If "GPS monitoring" is enabled for device from RMS side and its location is not manually set, RMS will always try to show GPS information retrieved from device. If no GPS information is received from device (e.g. device does not have GPS functionality or does not have GPS antenna connected), no location information will be displayed.

    Lowest priority - Approximate location based on cell towers. It is only shown when device location is not manually set and when device's "GPS monitoring" is disabled.