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The Troubleshoot is used to download troubleshoot file for your selected device(s). Troubleshoot file - downloadable archive, that contains full router configuration and all System log files.

To download troubleshoot file for your devices go to the RMS web page, Left sidebar panel, (Management → Overview) and click on Overview submenu.

Move your mouse pointer to the Top control Export menu and select Troubleshoot (Export → Troubleshoot).

RMS-device-menu-left-sidebar-panel.jpg RMS-top-menu-export-troubleshoot.png

The Troubleshoot function is used to download the troubleshoot file from the selected device(s).



  1. Select a device(s) whose troubleshoot file(s) you would like to download.
  2. Move your mouse pointer to the Export menu and click Event Logs.
  3. You will get a pop-up box that displays your selected device(s). Wait for a few seconds for the system to connect to the router.
  4. In the Status column click the Download button to get troubleshoot file(s).


  • You can easily get all event logs as one ZIP file by clicking Download all button.