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There are two types of RS232 serial devices: DTE and DCE. DTE typically refers to the serial port on a PC or terminal, while DCE refers to communication devices. Connectors mounted on DTE are likely to be male, and those mounted on DCE are likely to be female.

This device is DCE and has a female connector.

To connect a standard DTE device, use a straight-through Female/Male RS232 cable:

Services rs232 connector female male.PNG

See straight cable pinout below:

Straight cable pinout v2.png

To connect another DCE device to RUT955, a Null-modem (crossed) Male/Male cable should be used:

Male male rs232 cable.jpg

See straight crossed cable pinout below:

Straight crossed rs232 cable pinout v2.png

Maximum cable length is 15 meters or the cable length equal to a capacitance of 2500 pF (for a 19200 baud rate). Using lower capacitance cables can increase the distance. Reducing communication speed can also increase maximum cable length.