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field name value description
Listening IP ip; Default: IP address on which the Modbus gateway will wait for incoming connections
Port integer [0..65535]; Default: 502 Port number used to listen for incoming connections
Slave ID configuration User defined | Obtained from TCP; Default: User defined Specifies whether slave IDs should be user defined or automatically obtained from TCP
Slave ID/Permitted slave IDs integer | range of integers | multiple integers; Default: 1/1-247 Slave ID or range of permitted slave IDs. The way this field is named and its function depends on the value of the "Slave ID configuration" field.
A range of IDs can be specified by placing a hyphen (-) between two integer numbers. For example, if you permit slave IDs in the range of 10 to 20, you would specify it as: 10-20
You can also specify multiple values that are not connected in a range using commas (,). For example, to specify 6, 50 and 100 as permitted slave IDs, you would have to use: 6,50,100